Back Office Services

Many small businesses and entrepreneurs don’t have enough tasks to keep a full-time employee busy at work. On the other hand, someone might need more help during busier times of the year, but then little or no help at all during the slower months. Some may only need help for the specific project. From data entry to transaction support and admin tasks, we've got you covered with high-service flexibility, efficiency, and quality.Virtual assistance for your business and private needs.

Copywriting + Editing

When you hire professional copywriting services, you gain immediate access to a team of experts who know what it takes to build a good brand in today’s web-based unique climate. Good copywriting is about telling a story. No matter what industry you’re in if you’re unable to communicate who you are and what you stand for, how are you able to promote trust to potential clients to attract them as your customers. Copywriting grows your business and helps you to succeed in eyes of your clients.

Creative and Marketing Services

Walking through a supermarket, browsing online web-shop, or flipping through a trendy catalog, you encounter hundreds and even thousands of brands, products, and business services. They all are competing to get your attention and try to convince you to buy exactly goods or services what they’re selling. Our beautiful designs allow you, and your clients, to stand out from the crowd. Creative and Marketing are vital functions for modern businesses. They form your company’s identity and communicate who you are, what you do and why you do it.

What else we provide?

Customer Care

Whether it’s via phone, email, or chat, our customer care assistants will provide an attentive touch point for your business matters. At Consultwise we understand that your customers are your most important asset, so we deliver on-target care while you enjoy a hassle-free outsourcing partnership.The quality of your customer service is the factor most likely to determine if your customers will choose your services again or recommend you to their associates.

Sales Solutions

We’ll provide a dedicated sales manager to drive qualified prospects, keep customers engaged and up-sell products and services with a constant eye to your sales and business goals. Our sales managers thinks strategically to get the customers you want and keep them engaged with your business. We will deal with inbound and outbound sales, lead generation, prospecting, up-selling and cross-selling.

Free coffee

We believe in our good clients, and we believe in a good coffee. Also, we believe in connecting with people. At Consultwise we make it easy to discuss your needs. We are open to listening and we are happy to treat you well. Let's gather together for a free coffee.

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What our clients say

It was a pleasure to work with Consultwise team. We turned to them without an exact idea what we want to see in our brand new logo and Consultwise created our logo exactly meeting our taste. Not only a creative idea, but also fast and friendly approach. Ever since we published our new logo, we got a lot of compliments from our clients and partners

Linda Berzina

I turned to Consultwise because my freshly established restaurant business was in need of a business plan. We were trying to get investors, therefore for us was important professional market research and solid business explanation. Thanks to Consultwise, I was able to get all the necessary information within 1 week and our restaurant is ready to be opened already this October. Thank you for your professional approach and I suggest to everybody who wants to make sure that your business is in the right direction.

Toomas Memberg

I started to work with Sandra already back then when she was working herself in a corporate job, already then I saw how client oriented she is.  Even after this time, we still keep in touch and I consult with her regards my business growth opportunities. I trust her and her business knowledge have helped me a lot.

Basil Al Osh
United Arab Emirates

Sandra is super smart, very enthusiastic and she responded to my business model very quickly. 
She’s very flexible,eager to learn and I can see her achieve her ambition real quick. 
If you’re looking for a virtual assistant - I can recommended her heartily. 

Arzu Tutuk Altınay

Our people

There are three words which characterize our team: Expertise. Dynamism. Passion. These are 3 values which connect us through every day and allows us to grow. Our people are our greatest asset. Only thanks to the determination of our people, we can serve our clients and generate a long-term relationship. Engaged employees are our advantage.



About us

We would rather talk about you and your needs than talk about ourselves, but we understand it is important to know the team that partners with you to drive your plans and results.

As a part of SM ONLINE GROUP OÜ, Consultwise was born out of a passion for working with entrepreneurs and small business owners in a wide variety of industries.

Trusted service provider of E-residency of Estonia.

We are here so you can focus on what you do the best, while we handle everything else. From customer engagement to back office and Sales to design, our team of skilled talent stands ready to complete projects with quality and confidence, allowing our customers to focus on goal- reaching strategic priorities.

Outsourcing is the new black!

Our mission is to be responsive to the needs of our clients, to provide a modern and efficient business assistance in a user-friendly way. We help our clients to achieve the balance and improve results. Better and Wiser!

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