Frequently Asked Questions on what is a Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant service it is outsourced worker who works for you remotely based on the service agreement.

Because Virtual Assistants are independent contractors rather than employees, our client’s are not responsible for any employee-rated taxes, insurance or any other benefits, the client’s also don’t need to provide working space or any other costs. 

Below, we have gathered together the most common questions which arise when hiring the Virtual Assistant.

What tasks can my VA help me with?

Our Virtual Assistants specializes in admin tasks, marketing,  Sales, business growth, copywriting, designing, time management, personal tasks assistance, and business consulting.

How do you assign my VA?

We assign Virtual Assistant based on the type of project you need. Before assigning, we identify your needs and based on the information choose the most suitable VA.

 How does the pricing work?

We offer plan packages based on the hour amount you need.

How does the billing work?

You are billed on the day when you assign the Virtual Assistant.

How will I know how many hours I used?
We use time management Software called Toggl.



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