Why your Amazon FBA business needs Virtual Assistant

So you have started your Amazon FBA business? This is quite a big trend in nowadays e-commerce world, and even if you have not opened your Amazon store yet, we believe that very soon you might do it. Or would want to, but you have your own reasons why you are not willing to do it yet.

In this Article our main goal isn’t to promote Amazon FBA business, after all, there are also other e-commerce platforms where you could set up your e-commerce shop, however, we can’t deny the fact that for you, small business owner, it is very convenient to join Amazon FBA, they take care of all the major processes like picking up, packaging and even shipping your goods to a client.

However, there are still numerous tasks with which you need to deal with, and let’s be honest, when you are a small business owner, very often you must wear many hats. And if we are even more honest, then there is NO person who can manage all of this.

Exactly because of fact that we don’t live in an imaginary world, we know that when being a small business owner, you need to stay on a strict budget, but that doesn’t change the fact, that you need that extra help with your business.

Let us take it from here. Virtual Assistance service is the best solution for a case when you need help with your business, but can’t afford or don’t need full-time help. Whether you are a wholesaler or doing White label, your Virtual Assistant can help you with various tasks in order to improve your business performance and let you focus on the core functions of your business.

So what are the tasks Virtual Assistant can help you with? Is this is just a trend in today’s digital world environment or really useful approach when dealing with the business? Read our bullet points and decide by yourself.

Manage Keywords and Optimize Your Search Ranking.

We know that being listed on Amazon is already giving you a fair amount of traffic, however, there is so much more to consider when selling on Amazon. The best way to make sure that your products can be easily found on Amazon is ensuring that you are using proper keywords and SEO. If you are wondering what is SEO, then leave this task to your Virtual Assistant.

Writing Product descriptions and Uploading Photos.

You need a high converting sales copy, which will allow your visitors to better understand your product and why they should buy it. This includes the page title, headline, description, call to action, guarantee, feature bullet points. We are pretty sure that your product is good, but you need to make sure that your audience knows that as well, Virtual Assistant who is specialised in copywriting and SEO will make this information to actually perform.

Managing Your Social Media Presence.

Believe it or not, but data shows that in today’s’ environment it is not possible to survive without Social Media presence. Or if you do, then there are not so happy news- you are leaving money on the table. While there are people who perfectly manage dealing with such ongoing tasks like content creation, everyday posting, engaging with your audience, there are a majority of people for whom it is a headache. If you are one of them, don’t spend your precious time on it, better leave it to savvy Virtual Assistant.

Extra Customer Support.

Yes, it’s true, Amazon is taking care of customer support in some way. When your customers are happy with your provided customer support, they will return back to you or will recommend you as a good seller to somebody else, in any of these cases, it will be rewarded. You can be sure of that. So if you want to make sure that all the inquiries are answered properly and customers are satisfied with all your answers and your product itself, hire Virtual Assistant who will be a great people person and will take care of your customer support chain.

Product Guidance and Questions Answering.

If you are an experienced seller, then you already know that Amazon requires you to answer all the inquiries within 24-hours or you will get a penalty. If you are a digital nomad, who is doing an Amazon FBA business while traveling somewhere in warm Thailand, or too busy savvy entrepreneur, we recommend leaving this hustle to your Virtual Assistant.

Engaging With Customers On Amazon.

Constant engagement with your customers gives your e-shop credibility and shows your care. Virtual Assistant can help you engage with your customers and keep you immediately updated if your customers are facing any problems. Happy customers result in a good business and growing revenue.

So if you are an Amazon FBA business owner, you might seriously consider that Virtual Assistant can really improve the way your business operates today. If you are just considering to start this business, be sure that all these bullet points are necessary in todays Amazon e-shop environment and if you are hesitating at least about one point, that you are not willing to do by yourself, outsource your Virtual Assistant and be focused on not only making business but making it a success!

Our mission is to be responsive to the needs of our clients, to provide a modern and efficient business assistance in a user-friendly way. We help our clients to achieve the balance and improve results. Better and Wiser!

Good luck!


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