Why your business needs a Virtual Asisstant

Outsourcing Virtual Assistant service is a new black!

By the point where business is stable, business owners realize that, even though they are doing well, they don’t have much time to be creative and bring them business to the next level.

The truth ishaving an in-house employee, takes more financial resources (taxes and other employment responsibilities) and, of coursetime and energy.

Why should you have a Virtual Assistant? 

  • In-house employees cost you more than just a salary. You have to frequently train them, pay for the insurance or pay other employment taxes.
  • When your employee is having a bad day, a week or a month, your business might suffer. While the outsourced specialist is dedicated to fulfilling the task according to your exact needs without giving excuses.
  • You might not be able to afford somebody a full-time, but you are overwhelmed.
  • You don’t have enough tasks to keep a full-time employee but still need your business get up and running.
  • You believe that location independent business is the new future. You are in need of successful results and business growth, instead of neverending office policies.

Of course, by hiring one, the point is to gain profit from this move and carry out more projects and tasks than usual. At Consultwise, our Virtual Assistants are experienced in Marketing, Sales, Business consultinggrowth, copywriting, personal nature task management and designing. Our time we spend on the entire project is tracked via Software Toggl (https://toggl.com/), so you can feel safe about where the time goes.

With hiring a Virtual Assistant, you get a professional who works for you based on your exact needs. No long-term contracts, no employment taxes, you use your Virtual Assistant for the exact amount of time you need. Drop us a line info@consultwise and find out how can we help you and your business.

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